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{ the cowboy always gets the girl }

and into the sunset they ride.

supporters of irvine/selphie
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[ I R V I N E K I N N E A S & S E L P H I E T I L M I T T ]

hi, and welcome to irvinexselphie, the first-ever (and only) livejournal community for supporters of the relationship between irvine kinneas and selphie tilmitt of final fantasy viii!

[ R U L E S ]

01. please oh please keep everything in this community relevant to irvine/selphie. rhat's what this community is about, after all.

02. feel free to post fanfiction, fanart, even song lyrics that you think fit the lovely couple. use lj-cuts for long stories, big images, more than 3 icons, and of course, any sexually-explicit content.

03. no saying irvine and selphie are a bad couple. you shouldn't even be here if you think that. there's something inside your head called a brain. use it.

04. don't be brats. respect each other and any opinions. you don't have to like the person or people, and you don't have to like their opinion, but just don't say anything. drama is lame. keep this a drama-free zone.

05. have fun! that's the second-most important thing, next to keeping everything in this community irvine/selphie-relevant. ;)

[ A F F I L I A T E S / L I N K S ]


if you'd like to affiliate with us (only final fantasy-related communities, which also includes graphics journals, fanfiction journals, etc., but only if they contain ff stuff), or you know of an irvine site, please contact divergent by email.

[ S T A F F ]
divergent [creator, main mod]
zombology [co-mod]

(everything here was copied from my seiferxrinoa community info, because i'm lazy. :D)